I’ve been thinking about the word ‘trajectory’ a lot recently. Partly because it sounds funny and unnatural – like it almost doesn’t even belong to the English language. And also because the trajectory of crypto is what we should be thinking about. Nothing else.

What happened with LUNA, disastrous as it may be, can’t change the trajectory of crypto. Hard to see how it could.

Remember BlackBerry and HTC? They were both on top of the mobile phone game at different points, they both failed and fell and crashed with a loud bang, and did that change the trajectory of the smartphone industry? It didn’t. How could it?

Crypto is a game that plays by its own rules. I apologise because I’ve used this quote a million times before but it’s true. Third-party apps and platforms and players in the game are constantly changing and adapting but crypto itself, Bitcoin for example, isn’t. Not really.

It keeps following its own trajectory and every major crash in the short term will feel and look minor in the long run. Especially with hindsight. You have to zoom out and, since I’m on a roll with these cheap and cheesy quotes: you can’t really see the forest for the trees, can you?

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