Companies are using NFTs for marketing purposes and profitability

NFT maximalists – I guess we can use coin this definition – predict that every single company in the world (with a recognisable brand or product) will eventually use NFTs as a quick and easy way to turn a profit, and I think that’s definitely one of the cards on the table, but I’ve also noticed that many companies are doing so for marketing purposes.

There’s this database I use for media purposes. It gives me direct access to press releases from a bunch of different companies in a lot of different domains and segments, and my homepage in the database is usually awash with car content, because that’s what I’m normally interested in, but the number of companies that are putting press releases out there to let the public know they’ve launched an NFT is increasing. And it includes companies I’d never heard of before.

This morning I woke up to this: a new collection of NFTs launched by Tjep. – a company that specialises in jewerly and interior design. According to press release, Tjep. will gradually release – sorry, I mean ‘drop’ – 160 NFTs for a variety of different logos and designs from the company’s portfolio. Each will be available on OpenSea, and the price will gradually increase for each drop.

This is clearly a marketing stunt. And don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of marketing stunts. I’d no idea what Tjep. is or does, but now I know. Good job.

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