I’ve recently learnt the difference between strategy and tactic. I thought they were kind of the same thing but I was wrong. The strategy is the ultimate objective that’s determined by the circumstances. The tactic is how you get there.

In football, random example, you have to win games and score goals and that’s the strategy. The tactic determines how you get there.

The strategy with crypto is always the same: get the most out of your money and possibly become wealthier. The tactic? I’ve changed that at least four times.

I began using crypto because I started working for a crypto exchange that could only pay me in BTC, I didn’t even want it and I actually asked if I could be paid via PayPal. FORTUNATELY they said no.

Then I started actively buying by converting part of my BTC salary into Waves (sold), in Litecoin (still have some), DAI (still have some), NANO (sold), WOLLO (defunct), ETH (still have some) and a few more.

Then I started buying other altcoins through platforms, chiefly Coinbase.

Then I started focusing on crypto with high staking rewards but after the UST crash, I’ve ‘only’ lost about $100 on that one, I’ve decided to play it safe. I can buy $1 (symbolic) of anything and everything just on the off chance it 10,000Xs but most of my funds are in Bitcoin, Ethereum and a couple of stablecoins.

I still own a bunch of cryptos I don’t want anymore but I can’t sell because just about everything is down. So I’ll wait for the right moment and gradually get rid of most of them.

It’s like with coffee. My strategy? I need coffee, always. My tactic? It depends. Today, for example, I’ve bought instant coffee from the local grocery store at $0.10 per bag. Tomorrow I’m gonna be on the road so I’m going to have to opt for expensive espressos from the bar. Dammit.

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