Have you been using Crypto.com?

Crypto.com is ubiquitous. Their advertising budget must be enormous, partly because Crypto.com ads pop up about a thousand times a day and also because they’ve spent a lot of cash to place their name on posters and billboards everywhere, especially during sports events. And then of course there’s the DTLA’s Crypto.com Arena – formerly known as Staples Center – $700mln deal.

My personal opinion is the Crypto.com app is nowhere near as user-friendly and intuitive as Coinbase or even Binance. And some of the features should be improved. Every 24 hours or so, for example, you can log in and claim a diamond (they call it ‘Missions’), once you get to 25 diamonds you can open a box, which is supposed to contain a random amount of CRO (coin). I did, but the 0.7 CRO the box was supposed to contain were never credited.

They offer a sign-up bonus but in order to unlock it, you need to order a debit card, I ordered it and received it within days, and you also need to stake $350 worth of CRO. That’s too much.

As for their coin, CRO, it did really well following the Crypto.com Arena deal announcement but then it almost fell back to its pre-deal value, currently at $0.5022.

They’re clearly in it for the long run, and I guess their platform will get better with time. And I guess the CRO coin does have potential to go up. But at the moment I’m not exactly enthused.

I want to state that this is just my personal opinion based on my own experience with the app and nothing else. I’m in no way endorsing this or any other app, nor am I advising anyone to use it or not to use it. 

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