Brave browser is 1,000 times than Presearch, or is it just me?

I apologise for the slightly aggressive, slightly clickbaity headline but it’s a serious question. I’ve been using Brave browser for a few weeks and I’ve also tried using Presearch but it’s kinda hard to justify using it. Brave is faster than Chrome, or at the very least just as fast, and it automatically leans on Google, much like Chrome, which makes every search seamless.

Presearch isn’t like that. It is slower, and you almost never get the result you were looking for because it is less intuitive and less direct in the way it provides the search results you were looking for. Dumb example: if there’s a game – say Team A vs Team B – and you wanna know the result, Brave search will instantly tell you the result, superimposed on top of your screen, Presearch will give you a list of websites that may or may not be useful.

And that’s before we get to the rewards. I’ve used Brave browser for 45 days, first on a backup Android phone I use and then on my brand-new laptop (the old one died and procrastinated, gah) and I made around 3 BATs, which are currently in my wallet. With Presearch, I made 19.62 PRE. I’m very bad at math but at the current rate, that’d be nearly $5, which is great, except for the fact that the minimum threshold is 1,000 PRE, which is way too high.

So, is it just me? Maybe I’m doing something wrong? Let me know what you think.

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