YNG token sale over, what now?

A few months ago, I was looking for a decent get-paid-to-walk app and happened upon Young Step / Young Platform.

In short, the Step app is the one that pays you to walk, learn things about crypto and participate in challenges, while the Platform app is the actual exchange to which you can transfer the YOUNG token and redeem it for euros, dollars, bitcoin, eth and so on.

The YNG (ERC-20) token was exclusively available within the Young ecosystem and couldn’t really do anything with it, so I simply sold it as soon as I could and got Litecoin instead.

However, a few weeks ago, the platform announced the public sale of the YNG token ahead of the public listing. The price was (and always has been) fixed at €0.24 per token, and Young said they sold 6.4 million tokens.

On June 1st, 2022 at 12 PM CET, YNG will ‘go public’ and the market price will vary based on demand and offer. And that leaves me with a question: what next?

The crypto market isn’t exactly doing well at the minute, and €0.24 per token sounds like a lot to be frank.

But it’s too late now, I can’t really do anything but wait. Same as always. It’s a recurring trend with crypto, isn’t it?

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