The biggest lesson I’ve learnt hodling crypto? How to be patient

By nature, I’m not a very patient person. It’s one of my failings. One of many, I’ll admit. But for reasons that sometimes I can’t explain – even to myself – being patient with crypto comes relatively easy. The closest I ever got to selling due to uncertainty and lack of patience was March 2020, but I still didn’t.

That’s actually a complex conversation, and one worth having, because learning to live with – and through – crypto’s volatility is one of the driving factors for adoption. As more people get in and regulations come, the price will stabilize, but at the moment, the price is still moving ‘sideways’, with short, massive spikes and extended periods of ‘red’, because people who aren’t used to it buy some, they see a -30% or -40%, panic-sell to cut their (perceived) losses, helping the bear stay asleep.

Sometimes friends ask me how to invest in crypto, and I always tell them 1, nothing beats BTC and ETH even though they look expensive and 2, if you decided to buy some, start small and don’t panic when you see a massive drop, which it will. It’s normal. Just another day in the crypto space.

How about you? Are you patient by nature or has crypto helped you?

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