Tesla may launch a smartphone soon, will integrated PI Network?

If I had a dollar for every time I read an article about the upcoming Tesla phone, I’d be able to afford the Tesla phone. But to be honest, it looks like there might be some depth to these rumours. And there’s more.

We know that Apple does not allow third parties to use their iOs, and we know that, on the contrary, Android does, but to be honest I can’t really imagine a Tesla-branded smartphone running android. If I were a gambling person, and I sort of, I’d say Tesla has probably developed an entirely different operative system, which will presumably sort of resemble Apple iOs.

But it doesn’t matter, for now, what matters is that these rumours also say Tesla’s smartphone will be called PI, which made PI users very excited.

PI is essentially a proposed cryptocurrency, and also one of the few remaining apps that allow you to mine using your smartphone.

I’ve downloaded said app about a month ago and have since ‘mined’ about 65 PI. To be honest, it does not feel like a scam but it does feel like a project that’s going nowhere. But who knows, maybe it is. You can download the PI app and start mining (it doesn’t really affect your battery or your data) on the app store.

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