Can’t BITit, $join it

It is no accident that bitcoin was created in the aftermath of 2008 financial crisis.
We’ve gradually become used to distrusting governments and banks. We haven’t been trained to do so by fanatics or as part of our education, nope, it was everyday life that did job.

In our daily routine, in our commute to work, in the way we pay our taxes and get money from ATMs, in our social life even, every single thing we do everyday, there’s always a tiny label or a hidden message that says “they don’t care about you”.

It can be a intrusive mandate or a hidden fee in the fine print of your next utility bill. It’s there.

That’s what bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can do for you: they removes trust from the equation. You don’t have to trust your government, or your bank, do you trust that 2+2 always = 4?

If the answer’s yes, then you know why bitcoin is important. “If you can’t beat them…”. Well they can’t. And that’s why they’re joining.

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