According to market research, 72% believe technology makes the world a better place. What are your thoughts?

This year’s edition of CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is underway in Las Vegas and Bosch, the multinational engineering and tech giant, has used the occasion to publish the results of a market research the company has conducted. According to the study, 72% percent of people surveyed believe technology makes the world a better place. Would you agree?

I’m not so sure. More to the point, if we’re talking about the way we conduct business, the way we perform certain tasks and so on, then yes, technology makes the world move faster and more easily and therefore one might argue that it also makes it better. But I don’t think technology makes us better, because I think that from a social point of view, things don’t look too good. With one exception: enter crypto.

Most people get into crypto because they see it as an easy ticket out of poverty and that’s often true. But the more they dig and study and think, and the more it becomes clear that the true value of crypto is the underlying technology. Power corrupts, by definition. And so far we’ve relied on governments and banks, but with crypto, we don’t have to rely on trust or benevolence because we know that for the most part, what you can or can’t do with crypto is dictated by, well, math. And it can’t be corrupted.

Maybe I’m just looking at it with rose-tinted glasses but I do believe but certain aspects of our lives will get better with crypto because it removes the incentive to misbehave. Am I making sense? Or is it the fact that I haven’t had my coffee yet? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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