3 crypto / tokens with silly names

There are over 18,000 cryptocurrencies in existence as of June 2022. There are a lot of cryptos that rely on their blockchain and many more that exist on other networks (usually Ethereum) and of course there are a lot of ‘useless’ ones with silly names.

These coins/tokens are usually created for fun and for every Dogecoin out there, you’ve got a thousand more that never went anywhere, and probably won’t.

But I’m bored. And burnt. Because I’ve been trying to tan today (and failed), so I thought it’d be interesting to put together a list of tokens with silly names because why not.

1. Dentacoin

Dentacoin is, according to the description on the website, the “blockchain solution for the global dental industry. It is priced at $0.000004 with a trading volume (24 h) of around $470.

Despite the slightly funny name, it is a serious project, or at least it attempts to be, because the idea is to create a cryptocurrency that can be used to pay for dental hygiene-related stuff.

2. Unobtainium

Named after the fictional material that’s been used in a variety of TV shows and films, Unobtanium is surprisingly ‘expensive’, priced at around $16 at the time of writing. That’s cool. But what’s even crazier is that it currently sits over 96% below its ATH of… $435.

3. FuckToken

An irony-infused middle to finger common sense. FuckToken (FUCK) is actually apparently available on Binance, with a price of $0.017036 per FUCK (sorry I had to), and a market cap of around $990,000.

What’s your favourite memecoin/silly coin?

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