“Yo, we heard you like dips so we dipped your dip with more dips” – bitcoin is falling like mad

I panik (spelt with a ‘c’, I know) and cry every single time even thought I’ve seen it happen a thousand times before. I was watching Dr Death on Prime Video and mindlessly checking the 747 apps I use and *bam*, the price (BTC) dropped from $46,000-ish to $45,000-ish, so I bought more. And then again to $44,000-ish, so I bought more. And then to $43,992, so I bought more.

And now I’m pretending it’s okay. The house is not on fire. In a few minutes I’ll go back to the show (interesting, btw. Well scripted and great acting) and probably pour myself another pint of beer as I witness MADNESS happening.

How are you? What are you up to in these times of madness? Have you been buying the dip’s dip’s dip’s? And perhaps a beer? Let me know in the comments.

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