Can you actually mine crypto on your phone?

I guess we can safely say that the quick, undiluted, unfiltered answer to that question is ‘no’. Most mining apps were removed from both the Android Play Store and the Apple Store a while ago, and even if it were possible to mine crypto on your phone, it wouldn’t be worth it because smartphones don’t really have the necessary processing power to actually make it worth your effort and the battery capacity.

There are a few exceptions but all of these apps come with big question marks attached to them. The most (in)famous example is PI Network, an app that’s been available for years and people tend to either love it or hate it. PI Network simply allows you to ‘mine’ a currency named PI by tapping a button once a day.

I’d call their project demi-serious. Their whitepaper is available for anyone to read, and they’ve recently announced the upcoming launch of their mainnet and several users have been using the app for years with no significant downsides to report, apart from the fact that, so far at least, nothing happened and no one made a cent. It’s worth noting that the launch of the mainnet has already been postponed multiple times. (There’s another app called, which basically utilises the idea).

Another app worth mentioning is called ‘XMR Miner’, which is structured like a mining platform in a traditional sense but again, I don’t think it’s worth your time. I tried using it but it took days to get to 0.00001 XMR.

Lastly, there’s an app called Ember Fund. To me, and I might be wrong, this is the best option. Or at the very least I’d call it ‘the least pointless’. It’s basically an exchange with a ‘mining-style’ feature. You tap the button once a day and BTC is deposited every 10,000 satoshis. It also offers pre-ready packages that users can subscribe to. At the time of writing, you’ve got (among many) the ‘Ember Metaverse Index’, with an all time ROI of 33.01%, a package that comprises around 15 coins/tokens including 20.07% ILV, 15.11% MANA, 14.92% SAND, 13.6% Axie Infinity Shard, ENJ, WAXE, AUDIO, YGG, ERN, DG2, WHALE, TVK, RARI, NFTX, REVV and RLY.

Then you’ve got the ‘Big 3 Weighted’ with 56.60% BTC, 37.11% ETH and 6.2% LTC, or the Ember Defi Index with UNI, AAVE, MKR, LRC, YFI, SUSHI, BADGER, FARM and a few more.

This isn’t the most terrible of ideas, to be frank, but so far I’ve only used the ‘mining’ feature. We’ll see.

Do you know of any safe, reliable to mine crypto on your phone or laptop without killing it? Let me know in the comments.

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