I sold my first NFT!

I used an app called NFTgo to mint my first ever NFT on the Polygon network, it cost me around $30, and I immediately realised I’d just made a mistake. My NFT is available on OpenSea, which is great, but it doesn’t make sense to spend money to create an NFT unless you’ve got a bankable name (ie, you’re a celebrity) or a solid idea with a serious marketing strategy.

You live and you learn, as they say, and I still wanted to create a collection so I tried Rarible/Blocto (Flow network), but for some reason it still didn’t feel like the right place, and eventually I signed up for Crypto.com/NFT.

I needed an idea and I needed to market it. The idea came first, my collection is called ‘Birds of Belgrade’. Why? Because I like birds and I live in Belgrade. I started taking pictures of birds (mostly ducks and swans) around the city and after a little bit of editing, I began uploading the pictures on crypto.com/NFT, I have a plan to create 99 unique NFTs for this collection, so far I’ve created 10 (with six more that I’ll create right after writing this) and sold one. Yay!

Crypto.com/NFT allowed me to create NFTs for free (they keep a percentage on every sale) and I believe that with the right marketing (I’ve just created an Instagram page), I may be able to sell more in the future (and they’re super cheap but like I said I’m not famous). Fingers crossed. Just wanted to share the news. Now I’m off to the pub to celebrate. And it feels good because the beer is paid for by the NFT I sold.

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