Heads up: Centurion Invest’s token’s public sale is live

Centurion Invest is a crypto exchange that combines a traditional wallet with the features of an exchange, including ETFs, stock trading and of course crypto trading.

After signing in (there’s a 1,000 CIX bonus), you can bake your own cake or you can subscribe to one of the pre-cooked programmes, depending on how much funds you can, or want to, allocate: baby shark, shark and whale.

They also have a Visa card that gives you the various perks you expect in the crypto world, including loyalty programmes and cashback. I have been using the platform for a few days now, after discovering it at the Tomorrow Conference in Belgrade a little over a week ago, but I’ve yet to order the card.

I’ve had the opportunity to talk to the founder at the conference and the project is intriguing. Plus, I’ve got around 50+ crypto-related apps on my phone. So one more can’t hurt.

CIX is the platform’s native token (ERC-20) and it is currently worth around $0.02 with a total supply of 2,400,000,000. The public sale goes live tomorrow, May 25th.

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