The most NFTable street artist in the world drops his first collection

We need to coin a new term. Pardon the pun. The term is ‘NFTable’.

NFTable: when an item, idea, picture, product is an ideal candidate to be turned into an NFT.

I guess it’s like saying ‘instagrammable’, but for NFTs.

Well, if there’s one artist whose artwork I’d describe as ‘NFTable’ that’s gotta be Alec Monopoly.

Alec Monopoly (real name Alec Andon) is a modern artist that made a name for himself with a cartoon-esque character he created called Mr. Monopoly.

He’s also the only person in the world who famously never appeared in public without a face mask during the pandemic, probably to keep his identity private. Something he stopped doing, for some reason, precisely when everyone else was doing the opposite.

But I digress. This doesn’t matter. What matters is that he created a new character called Richie, for a NFT collection dubbed Rags to Richie.

It comprises 6,500 NFTs.

The official mint is tomorrow (July 24) and you can use the crypto-friendly payment platform MoonPay as well. Which is nice.

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