Employees of one of most recognisable brands in the world can now get paid in bitcoin

Close your eyes and answer this question: what is the most recognisable brand in the world? Actually, I’ll rephrase: which company/entity/organisation has the most reconisable brand?

Not including brands whose logo include the actual name of the company, i.e. Coca Cola.

Apple’s half-eaten Apple certainly springs to mind. Then I’d say Nike’s Swoosh, Ferrari’s Prancing Horse and probably Rolex’s crown.

But when it comes to sports teams, I can’t think of anyone that did this better than the New York Yankees.

I apologise for the [probably] pointless and [definitely] wordy premise but the big news for us crypto-heads, crypto-nerds, crypto-geeks, crypto-nuts is that the New York Yankees has just launched something called the Bitcoin Payroll Platform, allowing employees to get paid in Bitcoin. More specifically, employees can opt to convert a percentage of their paycheck to Bitcoin.

According to NYDIG, a New York City-based crypto company, nearly 1 in 4 people in the U.S would be interested in getting paid in crypto, at least partially. That number goes up to 36% for people in the workforce under 30 years of age.

Which brings me on to a question I’d like to ask: would you feel comfortable receiving 100% of your salary in crypto?

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