It started: UK court delivers legal document via NFT AIRDROP

In a private hearing on June 24, London’s High Court Judge WIlliam Trower gave a law firm permission to deliver legal documents via an NFT airdrop.

This is hugely important for at least two reasons.

One, it sets a precedent, giving NFTs full legal force to the letter of the law. And two, it gives NFT skeptics proof that yes, the technology behind non-fungible tokens provides numerous use cases beyond the ‘expensive JPEG’ cliche.

The documents are in relation to a lawsuit that has to do with crypto, by the way.

The founder of an Italian joint-stock company called Microgame is suing Binance, Polo Digital Assets, Aux Cayes Fintech and Bitkup, he claims he was tricked into depositing crypto into unknown wallets.

This, as far as I’m concerned, is just trivia. The details and the result of the lawsuit are of secondary importance.

What matters is the precedent.

What’s your take?

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