Tomorrow Conference Belgrade, the largest Metaverse meetup in Europe, Day 1

The Belexpocentar is located in an area of Belgrade that looks like it was developed yesterday. That’s because it more or less was. You’ll find it on the south-west side of a long and wide avenue that runs from the West Gate Tower to the river.

Around it, and on either side of it, there’s a collection of modern, aluminium- and glass-made buildings and facilities. On the opposite end of the very same avenue, a collection of brutalist residential buildings made from concrete. It’s an interesting juxtaposition, and it defines the architecture of Belgrade.

Day one is usually spent looking for an answer to the question: “who’s here?”

Tether founder Craig Sellars is here, along with Tanja Bivic Plankar, President of Blockchain Alliance Europe, along with Dusan Kovacevic, founder and CEO of Exit Festival.

Dogma, one of Belgrade’s major brewing companies, is also here. And I know this because I’m having a craft lager they specifically created for the event called ‘TMRW’.

And when I say “I’m having A craft lager”, I mean I’m having “multiple” craft lagers.

The crypto space is a multi-trillion-dollar market that started from a spark called Bitcoin in 2009 but the truth is the crypto market as we know, with a million different projects and ideas and people talking about them, is the direct result of the crypto crash of early 2018.

When Bitcoin briefly reached $20,000 before crashing over 80%, people began paying attention, even though it was for the wrong reasons and it created the foundation for a market that’s a lot more solid, and is getting bigger and more relevant.

I’m here because I live here, but other people – most of them, actually – came here precisely for this conference. Most of them had never seen Serbia before and this tells you everything you need to know about crypto.

Crypto will shape its own regulations and determine its own geography based on governments’ reaction. Slovenia, Portugal and Serbia, for example, are more relevant in the crypto world than Italy, France or even Germany because they moved faster, reacted more quickly.

The Tomorrow Conference will take place again, in Belgrade, one year from now. And that leaves me with two questions: will Terra (LUNA) still exist? And will the TMRW lager still be available?

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