First European panel in the Metaverse to take place in Belgrade, Serbia (and I’ll be there)

Belgrade is the former capital of Jugoslavia, the capital and largest city in Serbia, a global and vibrant hub. And it is also my home. I relocated here about a year ago and when I heard there would be a 3-day crypto-focused event at Belgrade Fair, on the right bank of the Sava River, I immediately knew I had to go. So I will.

This is the largest Crypto, NFT and Metaverse conference in Europe and while I’m looking forward to the 7 panels, 100 speakers and 50 keynotes, what really, really interests me is the people. I wanna know what people think. What they bought, or sold, or hodled, and why, and how, and when. And their take on the Metaverse and NFTs being used as an art form but also as a means of authenticating property and assets.

ECD’s founder Aleksandar Matanovic will be there, along with Craig Sellers, founder of Tether, Tanja Bivic Plankar, President of the Blockchain Alliance of Europe and Bruno Ver, blockchain specialist and founder of the top NFT business NIFTIFY.

I will be sharing updates in the coming days here, as well as on Bitcoinea.

I’ve crossposted this article on Publish0x

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