This is going to be interesting: Netflix will cover the Bitfinex hack with an upcoming film

The Cointelegraph, one of the most influential crypto news outlets out there, reports that Netflix has officially announced the production of a docu-film covering the Bitfinex hack and the New York-based couple that reportedly perpetrated the hack and/or helped launder the 119,000-something BTC that was stolen.

The [in]famous hack happened in 2016, when a grand total of 119,756 Bitcoin disappeared from the platform, in what remains one of the largest crypto hacks to date. It was worth around $72 mln back then but worth well over 5 billion dollars at today’s rate.

Netflix has remained rather cryptic about it, probably because they’re still in early phase of development, but we do know that the docufilm will be directed by Chris Smith (The Yes Man, Fyre, 100 Foot Wave), and co-produced by Nick Bilton. In 2017, Bilton published a book titled ‘American Kingpin’, telling the story of the Silk Road marketplace.

The news that the funds stolen during the hack have been retrieved and will possibly lead to a lengthy sentence for the two people that were either behind the hack or at the very least instrumental in laundering the funds stolen has since been used by many to reinstate the fact that Bitcoin is not, as many believe, anonymous, but rather pseudonymous, which means it actually doesn’t lend itself well to crime.

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