Let’s play a silly game: pick your favourite coin/token based on the logo alone

I think that the logo and the name of tokens and coins we invest into play a much bigger part than we care to admit? I once bought some Tribe just because I used to work for a company with a similar name, and I bought Kava because it means ‘coffee’ in several languages in Eastern Europe. I looked into Uniswap because I liked the logo, and for the same reason I researched Matic a few months ago.

It sounds silly, and it is, but we’ve all been there. Well, some of us have been there.

In recent weeks, I began doing some research on Moss Carbon Credit, Quant and IoTeX precisely because I liked the logo and the name. I’m not too sure about Quant and IoTeX but I’m very bullish on Moss Carbon Credit (MC02) but that’s beside the point.

Has it happened to you? Have you ever invested into something just because you liked the name or the logo, and if you could pick only coin to hold based on nothing but the logo, what would it be?

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