We have been duped, but crypto is our ticket out of poverty

Now, yeah, ‘poverty’ is a very strong word. The definition of poverty varies depending on where you are in the world. I was born and raised in a country where a $500 monthly salary would be considered low, but I am now living in a country where the same salary is more or less average. If you’re reading this from any of the Scandinavian countries, or the U.S., or Australia, with $500 you’d end up in the streets.

I’m a millennial, like the vast majority of crypto holders (49% of the total), which means, just for a start, I’ve had the opportunity (*insert irony here*) to enjoy (*insert irony here*) not one but two once-in-a-lifetime financial crisis. In 2008, when millennials were 14-28 (give or take) and again in 2020, due to C19 of course, when most Millennials are in their 30s. Lucky us, eh?

I don’t wanna bore you with the details and the data, mainly because there are a lot of YouTubers that can do it a lot better than I can, but the bottom line, millennials are statistically more in debt that any other generation, they’re statistically less likely to own the home they live in, and they have the least amount of wealth.

BUT we’ve invented (figure of speech) cryptocurrencies, and we’re strong believers in this technology because older generations shun it or disregard it, and yes, the generation that followed us, Gen Z, is catching up but some of them are simply too young to take charge of their financial situation.

I feel like we’ve been duped. We’ve inherited debts we haven’t created, became students just in time to see the price of college skyrocket, and became workers just in time to be hit by inflation and prohibitive housing pricing.

BUT we’ve got crypto. And no one can take that from us. Literally.

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